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IDs: Format: Raw Decoded Include TAF

Data at: 2028 UTC 30 Nov 2023

Region: TOP
KATL 301952Z 19007KT 10SM FEW170 SCT200 BKN250 14/M02 A3016 RMK AO2 SLP216 T01441017

KBOS 301954Z 20013KT 10SM BKN250 08/M04 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP176 T00781044

KBWI 301954Z 20007KT 10SM FEW180 BKN250 14/M03 A3012 RMK AO2 SLP198 T01441033 $

KCLE 301951Z 19014G22KT 10SM BKN250 12/01 A2987 RMK AO2 PK WND 19026/1934 SLP134 T01220011

KCLT 301952Z 18008G16KT 160V230 10SM FEW220 SCT250 16/M03 A3018 RMK AO2 SLP234 T01611033

KCVG 301952Z 19014G23KT 10SM FEW160 SCT200 14/M01 A2997 RMK AO2 SLP150 T01391006

KDCA 301952Z 18009KT 10SM BKN250 12/00 A3014 RMK AO2 SLP205 T01170000

KDEN 301953Z 10006KT 10SM FEW140 SCT160 BKN220 04/M11 A2980 RMK AO2 SLP095 T00391111

KDFW 301953Z 14007KT 3SM BR BKN005 OVC010 16/16 A2965 RMK AO2 SFC VIS 6 RAE21DZB30E53 SLP035 P0001 T01610156

KDTW 301953Z 23018G26KT 10SM FEW150 BKN220 12/03 A2980 RMK SLPNO

KEWR 301951Z 24013G18KT 10SM BKN250 12/M02 A3010 RMK AO2 SLP193 T01171022

KFLL 301953Z 09012KT 10SM FEW045 FEW250 26/15 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP177 T02560150 $

KIAD 301952Z 16010KT 10SM FEW140 SCT250 15/M03 A3011 RMK AO2 SLP197 T01501028 $

KIAH 301953Z 15017KT 7SM -RA SCT009 BKN014 OVC033 19/18 A2975 RMK AO2 PK WND 15032/1921 LTG DSNT S RAB34 SLP075 CB DSNT S MOVG NE P0000 T01940183

KJFK 301951Z 19009KT 10SM SCT250 09/01 A3013 RMK AO2 SLP202 T00890006 $

KLAS 301956Z 00000KT 10SM FEW120 FEW150 BKN250 16/M03 A2984 RMK AO2 SLP097 T01561033

KLAX 301953Z 00000KT 10SM FEW010 FEW035 SCT050 BKN140 18/11 A2992 RMK AO2 SLP131 T01780106 $

KLGA 301951Z 21011G19KT 10SM SCT250 11/M03 A3010 RMK AO2 SLP193 T01061033

KMCO 301953Z 13009KT 10SM FEW050 BKN250 24/11 A3010 RMK AO2 SLP192 T02390106

KMDW 301953Z 25015G23KT 10SM BKN210 BKN250 11/03 A2977 RMK AO2 PK WND 23026/1907 SLP088 T01110028

KMEM 301954Z 16010KT 10SM FEW080 SCT150 OVC200 13/M01 A3000 RMK AO2 SLP157 T01331011

KMIA 301953Z 07012KT 10SM FEW045 SCT250 27/13 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP180 T02670133

KMSP 301953Z 35010KT 10SM FEW035 06/M05 A2983 RMK AO2 SLP111 T00561050

KORD 301951Z 21013G21KT 10SM BKN220 BKN300 09/03 A2975 RMK AO2 SLP078 T00940028

KPDX 301953Z 11008KT 9SM -RA OVC030 04/M01 A2986 RMK AO2 RAB39 SLP113 P0000 T00391006

KPHL 301954Z 20010KT 10SM BKN280 12/M02 A3013 RMK AO2 SLP204 T01171017

KPHX 301951Z 25005KT 10SM FEW060 FEW100 BKN200 OVC250 18/02 A2988 RMK AO2 SLP109 T01780022

KPIT 301951Z COR 22013G23KT 10SM BKN250 12/M01 A2999 RMK AO2 PK WND 22029/1857 SLP169 T01221006

KSAN 301951Z 20006KT 10SM FEW020 BKN035 17/13 A2996 RMK AO2 SLP143 T01720128

KSEA 301953Z 00000KT 10SM FEW043 BKN060 OVC090 07/01 A2982 RMK AO2 SLP108 T00670006

KSFO 301956Z 29018G27KT 10SM FEW020 FEW075 17/09 A3002 RMK AO2 PK WND 30027/1953 SLP164 T01670089

KSLC 301954Z 30005KT 5SM BR OVC015 01/M02 A2987 RMK AO2 SLP125 T00061017

KSTL 302021Z 20007KT 4SM -RA FEW009 BKN022 OVC028 10/07 A2987 RMK AO2 P0001 T01000072

KTPA 301953Z COR VRB04KT 10SM SCT045 BKN250 24/12 A3008 RMK AO2 SLP185 T02440117