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SCN23-79: Upgrade of Aviation Weather Center Website

International Flight Folder Program


Radar and Weather depiction charts have been discontinued

Canadian Graphical Area Forecasts

Wind Temperature


NOTE: There is a new printall function for the flight folder. This allows a user to create a PDF file with a set of documents in it. To do this make a comma separated list of documents and pass it to printall. For example:


WebIFFDP Users: The printall function will also work for your document folders. To access a folder, use the folder option to printall:


This process no longer requires a login to access the folder. This replaces the webiffdp call for the document (/webiffdp/vfolder/printall/foldernbr/ryan001). To request changes to your folders, make a request through the Contact Us form and request "Flight Folder Request" as the Category.